KC Services


Family Violence

Batterers' Intervention Program

KC Services is an Orange County Probation Department approved Batterers' Intervention Program provider. Our program is offered to those mandated to attend by outside agencies and consists of 52 weeks of education and counseling sessions. 

Child Abusers' Treatment Program

KC Services is a licensed provider of a Child Abusers' Treatment program approved by the Orange County Probation Department. This program consists of 52 weeks of treatment, and also includes a separate component of a 24 week Parenting Education Program. 

Substance Abuse Program

Clients of our Family Violence programs may also be mandated to enroll in our Family Violence Division’s substance abuse program. Voluntary clients interested in a less intensive outpatient program may also enroll in this substance abuse program. Topics include the physiological and psychological aspects of substance abuse, relapse and recovery, and a twelve-step program. 

Parenting Education Program

KC Services provides a 24 week Parenting Education Program, which covers topics such as child development, discipline, safety, and stress management. This program is offered free to spouses of court-mandated enrollees. 

Anger Management Programs

KC Services offers 10, 12, or 24 week Anger Management Programs that focus on stress reduction skills among other anger management techniques.

Social Services Agency Program

KC Services offers various programs to families involved with the Social Services Agency, including In-Office Counseling, Parent Education, and Anger Management. The program’s goal is child abuse prevention and intervention.