KC Services


Substance Abuse


Under the Substance Abuse Crime Prevention Act of 2000, non-violent adult offenders who use or possess illegal drugs will receive drug treatment rather than incarceration. We are an outpatient provider of both Track 1 and Track 2 PC1210 services in Orange County. 


KC Services provides outpatient substance abuse services funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency to clients deemed eligible by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. 

PC 1000 Program / Drug Diversion

KC Services is licensed to provide the PC 1000 Drug Diversion Program, which consists of 15 weeks of education, group counseling, and individual sessions for those who have been placed on deferred entry of judgment pending completion of our program. 

Drug Testing

KC Services provides drug testing for a low fee to the public at large. Both on-site testing and testing via lab are available. In addition, our counselors provide referrals to appropriate treatment for those with positive results. 

Substance Abuse Assessments

KC Services offers substance abuse assessments using the Addiction Severity Index. 

Private Counseling

Because of the depth and experience of our staff, individual counseling can be arranged on a case by case basis according to need. 

Drug Medi-Cal

One of our newest programs, Drug Medi-Cal Counseling, is a volunteer program that serves Medi-Cal eligible individuals. Clients receive professional medical assessments, treatment planning, group and individual counseling, community referrals, and case management to help patients achieve not only recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, but also to improve their overall quality of life. Services provided through our Drug Medi-Cal Counseling are free for the client.

Involvement in the Drug Med-Cal Program is completely voluntarily so the client's commitment to participate in the services provided by the Drug Medi-Cal program is necessary for successful recovery. 

KC Services’ main goal over the last 30 years is to provide treatment and prevention to promote a healthier lifestyle. For more information about our outpatient substance abuse programs, please contact our offices.