KC Services



Drinking driver programs

KC Services has been providing education and group counseling to court-referred and volunteer clients for nearly two decades. The goal of KC Services’ Drinking Driver Programs is to prevent convicted drunk drivers from repeating the offense. The programs aim to provide their clients with an opportunity to successfully address their alcohol or other drug related problems. Programs offered include Wet Reckless and Three, Six, and Nine Month First Offender drinking driver programs. 

DUI Prevention & Outreach

Understanding that treatment efforts alone do not fully address DUI incidents in Orange County, KC Services is also actively involved in promoting projects that address traffic safety issues and DUI related injuries in Orange County. KC Services has partnered with University of California, Irvine in traffic safety projects. 

Assessment for Multiple Offenders

Our trained clinical staff uses the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) to provide substance abuse assessments for multiple DUI offenders.